Pyramid Services offer safety inspections for commercial and domestic properties to ensure that their electrical installations are safe. The electrician who attends your safety inspection will explain in detail what they need to do and what will happen if they have any concerns. It can be a fairly long task to complete as we want to be thorough and accurate.

What is a safety inspection?

A safety inspection is an assessment carried out by a qualified electrician of your property. During the inspection they will test and inspect all fixed electrical installations – this includes your wiring, fuses boxes, light fittings, plug sockets, and electric showers.

The electrician will not test and inspect any portable electrical items such as TVs or toasters unless they have been asked to PAT test the property too.

Once the inspection has been completed, the electrician will provide a certificate to you or the landlord of the property stating their findings. This report will include recommendations and any hazards which need to be fixed within 4 weeks.

What if there is an issue during my inspection?

Once our qualified electrician has completed their report they will provide you with a copy which will include any recommendations. Some codes will be used:

  • C1 – ‘ Danger present. Risk of injury. Immediate remedial action required.’ – this could mean there are live wires easily accessible to people. Our electricians would work to make this safe as soon as possible, this could mean during the electrics off.
  • C2 – ‘Potentially dangerous – urgent remedial action required.’ This means that there is a risk and needs to be fixed urgently.
  • C3 – ‘Improvement recommended.’ This may be a recommendation due to an old fuse box that needs updating to meet current standards but is currently safe for the property.
  • F1 – ‘ Further investigation required without delay.’ This could be wiring not complying with current regulations which would need to be investigated and upgraded.