There are over 4 million private landlords within the UK, some landlords are fantastic and ensure their properties are safe and up to standard for their tenants. At Pyramid Services, we have extensive experience working with landlords and completing Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which will document the safety and overall condition of the electrics within a home.

Why do I need to have testing completed?

Due to new regulations which came into force on 1st June 2020, it is now a regulation for landlords to have EICR testing every 5 years at least. It is optional whether you choose to complete these tests more regularly. The landlord must also provide a copy of the report to their tenants within 28 days and the local authority if required.

We understand that not all landlords live nearby to the property so we are more than happy to liaise with the estate agents or tenants to arrange access. Our reports can be carried out on a variety of property sizes and locations with minimal disruptions.

What happens after the testing?

Once our experienced electrician has completed their testing, they will compile a detailed written report. If there are any immediate risks our electricians will aim to rectify this on the same day, this could include turning off the electrics if it is a danger.

The report will detail any recommendations that may be needed and a time frame for certain concerns. If any specific recommendations are urgent the landlord will usually have 4 weeks to complete these tasks.

Once the recommendations have been completed then a certificate can be issued by the electrician to verify that the property meets the regulations. As a landlord, you will need to keep this copy to provide to the electrician when you are next due to an inspection.