The outdoor space is usually an extension of our homes – multipurpose and often where we spend quality time with loved ones. The growing popularity to make improvements to the external aspects of our homes is no surprise.

Pyramid Services can support you in making small or grand changes to your outside space, maximising the useability of the entire space.

Should I get outside lighting?

In short – yes, you should look into getting your outside lighting upgraded. It is a well-known fact that having outdoor lighting can instantly add value and security to your property.

There are countless options to choose from including decorative lights, floodlights, security lights, and garden lights. Each household may have slightly different needs which is why Pyramid Services will complete a full consultation to find out exactly where you need and want to improve your outside lighting.

A popular option is to install post-type lights from the car to the doorway for added security and a welcoming light around your doorway. A sensor light at back doors or garden spaces to deter any unwanted trespassers. You may have a beautiful tree in your garden which you want to illuminate during the darker nights. In all of these situations, we are well equipped to provide.

Are there many options to choose from?

As electrical specialists Pyramid Services are qualified to install ground lights, wall supply lights, and decking lights around your outside space. We will also ensure that your lighting is weatherproof and potentially chew-proof from wildlife outside.

As with indoor lighting, there are endless options available to suit a traditional taste or a more dramatic modern look to suit everyone. Our light fittings also come in a range of finishes including solid brass to add a touch of elegance to your property.

Pyramid Services are also able to provide outside lighting on a timer, they could turn on as the sunsets and turn off after a couple of hours when you head to bed. Ensuring you can enjoy your outdoor space for longer periods.