It is a requirement of The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 to ensure that businesses have emergency lighting that allows a safe and efficient evacuation of all people during an emergency.

Often emergency lighting can be overlooked in the grand scheme of business needs but legally it is extremely important. Pyramid Services can ensure that if your main supply failed then there would still be emergency lighting to ensure the safe exit of your staff and customers.


Requirements for the level of emergency lighting you will need vary from sectors and buildings so it is always best to check what you need to have. We are happy to discuss your requirements as we are experts in this field.

Not only does having emergency lighting add additional safety measures but it can also help to reduce workplace injuries. Trips and falls can often be avoided in emergencies with the correct lighting available.

Pyramid Services have experience providing emergency lighting to offices, schools, retail, hospitals, and apartment blocks so we are confident we can provide you with your exact requirements.

Emergency Light maintenance and testing

Pyramid Services provide a full consultation before any work begins, we then work closely with you from fitting, to testing and certification and moving forward to maintaining your emergency lighting.

Once Pyramid Services has installed your lights we can offer monthly and annual testing. During the monthly testing, it will consist of a short test just to ensure the emergency lighting works should your mains supply stop working.

During our annual testing, this would consist of a 3-hour duration test, this is so that we can check the emergency lighting adheres to the legal standards. Remembering to complete these checks every month and year can often seem a little daunting which is why we offer a maintenance package to relieve yourself or landlords from the need to remind yourselves.