Whilst it may sound like a daunting task to replace a fuse box, at Pyramid Services our highly qualified team can make the process seamless for you. As electricians we always endeavor to meet current legal standards, this may include ensuring the rest of your electrical system is in great condition. Pyramid Services will carry out an electrical inspection before any work is carried out, avoiding any surprises later down the line.

How do I know I need to upgrade my fuse box?

There are a few tell-tale signs of needing to upgrade your fuse box, one of the first issues people notice is their fuses tripping frequently. Another sign that your fuse box should be replaced is if it is constructed within a wooden or plastic casing – this can be a fire hazard if your fuse box overheats as these materials won’t be able to resist the heat.

If you are planning on having an extension or converting rooms or adding new sockets around the property it is best to ask an electrician to visit. They will be able to advise on any safety concerns and test all of the electrics.

Another visual sign that your fuse box requires an upgrade is having old ‘cartridge’ style fuses or rewireable fuses. These are often found in older properties. We would be able to advise customers on the need for a replacement usually within our inspection appointment.

Why use Pyramid Services?

As an established and trusted electrical company with years of experience, there aren’t many requests or problems we have not overcome and solved for our customers. Pyramid Services are always striving to keep up to date with new technologies and trends. We always ensure we aren’t taking up our clients’ valuable time, we work to strict timeframes and will always leave our working area clean and take any debris with us.