The ever-growing realisation of global warming and climate change has caused people to find ways to reduce their carbon footprint. One of the biggest changes was the introduction of electric cars, motorbikes, and vans. If you have an electric vehicle and require a charging unit installed then please contact one of our dedicated team who will be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Benefits of Electric Car Charging

With petrol and diesel prices getting more and more expensive people have started to look for more sustainable alternatives. Electric cars have been growing in popularity ever since particularly in cities such as London due to their environmental benefits. Electric cars are exempt from road tax and congestion charges.

Another benefit of opting to use an electric car charging port is the money-saving aspect, you could save up to 50% in a year alone. There are also a lot of government schemes available to encourage people to swap more ecological options. Pyramid Services will also be able to maintain your carport as well as carrying out any maintenance afterward.

How Can Pyramid Services help you?

As electric cars begin to take over our roads, you may currently have difficulty in finding a suitable charging port. Pyramid Services can install an extensive range of electric vehicle sockets and units in your home or workplace.

There is such a wide range of units available and as you are likely to see the unit every day at home or work, you should choose one that you like the look of. Pyramid Services are more than happy to discuss the large options you have to choose from.

Our team is fully qualified and insured to install these units quickly and efficiently. At Pyramid Services, we will complete a full electrical inspection.