Most people are aware of the dangers of fires, but often fire alarms are overlooked and can have fatal consequences. At Pyramid Services, we understand the importance of having fire alarms which is why we are so passionate about the work we carry out.

Uk regulations state that all commercial premises must have ‘appropriate fire detection systems. We work closely with both commercial and domestic properties to ensure the utmost safety of our customers. If you would like to book a consultation with one of our experienced team please get in contact with us.

Why do I need fire alarms?

Not only are fire detection systems such as fire alarms, a regulation for commercial businesses but they can also have more benefits. They can save homeowners and business owners huge amounts of money, they can detect fires quickly to reduce damage and they can save lives.

Our Pyramid Services team are all fully accredited and insured to install and maintain your fire alarm systems. As we are a small business we can offer great customer service and continuity throughout the process.

How can Pyramid Services help?

Firstly Pyramid Services would carry out a full inspection to find out your exact requirements and whether the property needs to meet any specific regulations. We will also inform you of additional features you may need to consider such as fire door retainers or logbooks which may be needed.

We will then be able to provide you with an accurate quote and advise you how long the project will take to complete. As a team we aim to be efficient and safe at all times, we want to make your properties safe as soon as possible.

After we have installed your fire alarm system we can also provide inspections and testing, maintenance, and fault finding services after the project has been completed. Many of our customers are repeat customers or through recommendations, so you can be reassured using our expert team.